As of April 1, 2011 - ShoutcastPRO has been rebranded as MediaONAIR, if you haven't noticted the redirect and changes.

EastsideHosting, LLC still owns ShoutcastPRO, LLC but has rebranded it as MediaONAIR to extend services to not just shoutcast hosting.

In the near feature, we plan to offer Shoutcast, Shoutcast v2, Transcoder v3, Icecast v2, Wowza Media Servers and Windows Media Streaming and this will eventually fall into place once our new control panel is STABLE enough to run these services.

We've been beta testing for about a year now as we've planned to do this upgrade before the rebrand, but at the time, we were looking for a new name and found a decent domain name without any trademark issues, therefore - Nobody's service will be interupted, you will still have the same plan, the owners of EastsideHosting, LLC, ShoutcastPRO, LLC and now MediaONAIR, LLC are still deeply involved and can contact us anytine if you have any questions.


EastsideHosting, LLC

Friday, April 1, 2011

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